Bring Your Bliss, Become a Millionaire (Part 1 & Part 2)

“The most important asset we have is our mind. You should be spending time expanding yourself in terms of knowledge and your peer group.”

Ann Wilson

Self-Made Multi-Millionaire, The Wealth Chef

How to Get Rich Beyond Measure

“There are a lot of areas that define success and abundance in your life besides what you have in your bank account or what your financial portfolio looks like.”

Dan Miller

Owner, 48 Days

How to Become a Stock Market Wizard

“Anybody out there, if you’re trading or investing, get this through your head: risk management is more important than anything else you could do. It is certainly more important than how you put on trades. It is the single most important thing there is.”

Jack Schwager

Iconic Investing Author, Jack Schwager

Become an Expert to Create Wealth

“There are two types of people in the world: 1) people who sit back and go with the flow and 2) hungry people who will do whatever it takes to win. The hungry people choose results instead of excuses. They know they are the people who will be successful.” Richard Wilson

Founder, Billionaire Family Office

Wealth in Business and Life

“Your mindset is the choice that you make. It’s a straight line: mindset and results.”

John Murphy

Executive Coach and Founder, John Murphy International

Wealth Creation, Translation and Growth

“The formula for wealth is quite simple . . .
Spend less than you earn and invest the difference wisely. “ Todd Tresidder

Financial Coach and Author, Financial Mentor

Create Your Future, Do What you Love

“You’ve got two jobs in this life. Be a good person and do what you love.” Ryan Holiday

Award-Winning Author, Ryan Holiday

Invest Like a Pro

“You have to have faith in yourself and the right psychology. Otherwise, you will not make it.” Steve Burns

Author and Stocks and Options Trader, New Trader U

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Purpose and Wealth

“I don’t consider myself ever failing. I consider myself working hard at finding solutions.” Larry Stevens

Entrepreneur and Founder, Opus Workspace

Leadership, Purpose and True Wealth

“If you want to be successful, find a way to duplicate yourself. You need to find a way to back out and allow somebody else to take over.”

Chris Locurto

Leadership and Business Coach, Entrepreneur and Speaker, Chris Locurto

Always be Hustling

“Fear never goes away. Don’t let it control you. “ Michael Kawula

Bestselling Author, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder, Self Employed King

Psychology of Investing Success (Part 1 & Part 2)

“As soon as you take responsibility for your life, you can change the world.” Tom Basso

Iconic Investor and Founder, Trendstat Capital Management

How to Make Money In Real Estate

“You have to own your story, take responsibility for your past, and believe in your future.” Justin Williams

Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur and Host, House Flipping HQ

The Way to Build and Scale a Business

“It’s not how much money you make that makes the difference; it’s how much money you spend. The hardest thing in the world is keeping expenses low.” Josh Brown

Entrepreneur, Franchise Attorney and Founder, The Law Office of Josh F. Brown

How You Can Retire Tomorrow

“Track your spending and know where your money is going. If you sit down and look at these numbers, you will realize where you can make significant savings.” Patrick Schulte

Investor, Traveler and Co-Author, BumFuzzle

Real Wealth In Real Estate

“No one actually fears selling. If you say you don’t like sales, what you’re really saying is that you fear not selling.” J. Massey

Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Author and Host, Cash Flow Diary

How to Build Your Life

“Wealth is holistic. The only way that you can experience your journey is to be present.”


CEO, Founder and Bestselling Author, Concious Millionaire

The Formulas for $ Millions (Part 1 & Part 2)

“We all have this pen in our hand and this blank sheet of paper. Whatever we want to write for ourselves is absolutely possible.”

David Wood

Author, Trainer, Life Coach, Humanitarian, and Business Leader, The Kickass Life

Become a World-Changer, Build Wealth

“Everybody is here for a purpose. I believe that our purpose is so much bigger than so many people think.” Matt McWilliams

Author and Founder, Matt McWilliams Consulting Inc.

Delete Debt and Becoming Financially Free

“The mindset of true wealth gives every dollar a purpose.” Steve Stewart

Debt Expert, Financial Wellness Coach and Host, Money Plan SOS

Massive Wealth Through Entrepreneurship

“If you want something, you need to have a why big enough to push you through.” Peter Voogd

Serial Entrepreneur, Trainer, Founder and CEO, Real VIP Success

Spend to Live

“The wealthy value experiences, not things. Wealth isn’t the accumulation of money; it is the accumulation of experiences.” Jason Vitug

CEO and Co-Founder, Phroogal

Entrepreneurs are Superheroes

“Look at the people you admire. Spend time with them, pick their brains, and learn from them. Don’t take financial advice from people not in the financial position where you want to be.” Matt Shoup

Entrepreneur, Author and Business Coach , Matt Shoup

The Miracle That Will Change Your Life

“The number one key to success in selling is to be committed to your process every day without being emotionally attached to your results.” Hal Elrod

Keynote Speaker, Coach and Bestselling Author, Hal Elrod

Overseas Real Estate Investing

“Nothing starts until you make the decision and put in some sweat equity.” Taylor White

International Real Estate Investor and COach , International Real Estate Listings

Project: Success

“Mindset isn’t an important thing. It is the only thing.”

Mark Sieverkropp

Author and Co-Host, Sieverkropp

Holistic Trading and Wealth Building

“Having a lot of money is being rich, but wealth is when you have an abundance of both money and meaning.” Hugh Kimura

Foreign Exchange Trader and Founder, Trading Heroes

Profit & Growth

“Pinpoint some portion of the customers within a market and cut off that section.” Mike Faith

Founder and CEO, Headsets

Invest Like a Pro

“Find your risk-return sweet spot; recognize how much ‘heat’ you can take.”

Russell Wild

Investment Advisor, Principal, and Author, Russell Wild

How to Save and Make More Money

“Once I get my expenses down to a certain level, I like to focus my energy on making more money, because that is unlimited.” Philip Taylor

CPA and Personal Finance Expert, PT Money

Making Money With Stock Options

“Every time you make sure Uncle Sam can’t get your money, you are making money just by virtue of not being taxed.” Laurie Itkin

Financial Advisor and Author, The Options Lady

How to Build Wealth Early in Your Career

“Once you’ve reached a certain level of wealth that correlates with your age, you don’t really care about the money. You are about the time you have left and the relationships you have. Money stops mattering.” Jim Wang

Serial Entrepreneur, Finance Expert and Founder, MicroBlogger

Winning With Entrepreneurship

” Start at a high level and work your way down.” Mike Michalowicz

Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author, Mike Michalowicz

Side Hustle to Full-Time Gig

“Building a business is the best for long-term financial freedom. Regular working income is linear, but building a business has the potential for exponential growth.” Nick Loper

Author, Founder and Owner, Bryck Media

How to Achieve True Freedom

“The way compound interest works is: the longer you do something, the greater the return.” Erlend Bakke

Bestselling Author, Speaker, and CEO/Founder, YouSpin

Investing and Entrepreneurial Success

“It’s a marathon. Find ways to build your wealth one step at a time. Don’t try to ‘break the bank’ in one shot.” Erez Katz

Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO, Lucena Research

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The Entrepreneur Mind

“I learned early that if you can create something that’s valuable, then it makes the selling part very easy.” Kevin Johnson

Serial Entrepreneur, President and Author, Johnson Media

Gain Your Mental Edge

“I’m going to learn from my past, but I’m going to put that to one side, get rid of all that baggage, and accept the fact that everyone has failures.”

Coach Mike Basevic

Behavioral Strategist, Performance Coach, Author and Founder, No Limits Mental Edge

How to Crush It Online and Offline

“Do you see yourself as a problem solver? If you do, there’s a very good chance you can crush it.” Marcus Sheridan

Entrepreneur, Speaker and Content Marketing Expert, The Sales Lion

The Four P’s of Building Wealth

“The only way to achieve huge goals in your life is to break the tasks down into manageable chunks.” Rob Wilson

Engineer, Entrepreneur, Financial Advisor and Host, Movers and Shakers

Secrets to Success in Your Career

“You have got to have some skill set to match your desires or else you’re not going to be able to capitalize on the opportunities in front of you.” Barrett Brooks

Speaker, Coach and Director, Fizzle

Making Smarter Financial Decisions

“Wealth is the ability to live and prosper in life. You can quit your job, walk away, and continue your lifestyle because of the passive income that you have.” Anton Ivanov

Self-Made Millionaire, Money Coach, Founder, Financessfull

How the Rich Invest

“Until you decide where you want to go, how in the world are you going to know how to get there?” Jonathan Duong

Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Financial Planner, Founder and President, Wealth Engineers

Overcome Fears and Build True Wealth

“Fear hates community. Fear hates action.” Jared Easley

Entrepreneur, Coach and Host, Starve the Doubts

5 Steps to Financial Freedom

“Our money personality is set by the age of seven.” Leisa Peterson

Certified Financial Planner, Money Mindfulness Expert and Founder, WealthClinic

Live the New American Dream 

“Being around people that are trying to push you towards those goals is such a necessary thing when you’re trying to do something unconventional.” Sean Ogle

Online Business Coach and Founder, Location 180

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Get Started Toward Wealth

“The keys to investing success are starting early, utilizing the power of compound interest, and being consistent.” Robert Farrington

Founder, The College Investor and Beat the 9 to 5

From Debt to Financial Freedom

“Clarity comes through engagement, not through thought.” Kate Northrup

Author and Wellness Entrepreneur, Kate Northrup

Figure Blogging

“Start investing in a 401K as early as you can. With the company match, it’s like a retirement account on steroids. They’re going to pay you to invest in something you should already be investing in.” J. Money

Blogger, Hustler and founder, Budgets are Sexy

How to Find Your Dream Career

“Focus on your strengths. The people working with their strengths are the rock star people. They’re comfortable in their own skin, great at their jobs, enjoying life. They spend the majority of their time looking for things and doing things that fit with them uniquely.” Scott Barlow

Career Expert and Co-Host, Happen to Your Career

The Secret to Entrepreneurial Success

“The keys to success as an entrepreneur are:

1) Execution.

2) Pick a market that is big enough to offer a big pool of potential customers. You don’t need a new idea; you just need to execute well in the right market.”

Neil Patel

Serial Entrepreneur and Founder, KISSmetrics

Lose Big, Win Bigger

“Don’t just work for a paycheck. If you have a passion or a dream, there’s a way of integrating that with what you’re doing.” Ruben Rojas

Financial Coach, Entrepreneur and Athlete, Ruben Rojas

The Best Investment You Can Make

“If you want to build more wealth and grow yourself as a person, first you need to invest in yourself. You need to spend money, but it’s not spending money when it’s truly coming back to you. This is important to understand, or you’ll always be struggling and living paycheck to paycheck.” John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneur and Founder, Entrepreneur on Fire

Make Money, Live Wealthy

“Making more money is about getting clear on who you are and what you can offer in the world.”

Brittney Castro

Certified Financial Planner and Founder, Financially Wise Women

How to Do the Impossible

“In the logical sense, wealth is three things: 1) solid credit score, 2) an income stream that allows you to take more risk, and 3) savings. Savings gives you a lot of strength, flexibility, and control. Savings are what give you the most powerful answer in the world.” Patrick Bet-David

Serial Entrepreneur, Author and CEO/Co-Founder, PHP Agency

The Secrets to Business and Life & Wealth With A Capital “W”

“Making money is about 5 steps down the line from the mission. The less I think about money, the more money I make. Selflessness is the key.” August Turak

Successful Entrepreneur and Award-Winning Author, August Turak

3 Simple Ways to Wealth and Success

“The thing about wealth and finances is that most of us limit ourselves. The magic of thinking big is the secret to finances, definitely.” Trevor Blake

Successful Entrepreneur and New York Times Bestselling Author, Trevor Blake

How to Get Freedom and Security

“Quit thinking of money as the means to your goals. You are the means to your goals. Money is just a tool.” Mindy Crary

Financial Coach, Certified Financial Planner and Founder, Creative Money

How to View Risk and Create a Lucrative Business

“The best thing for me is, learn from those you aspire to be like, and ignore everyone else.” Billy Murphy

Former Professional Poker Player, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder, Blue Fire Poker

Make Money, Invest Wisely

“If you have high expenses, you’ll find yourself on the treadmill of life. You’re going to be running hard and getting nowhere.” Rob Berger

Attorney, Finance Expert and Founder, Dough Roller

Trade Like A Casino

“It is very important to start early, take advantage of the way that US tax system is structured, take money and put it in your IRA or 401K, and start building your fund as soon as possible.” Richard Weissman

Professional Trader and Trader , Weissman Signals

The Psychology of Money 

“Wealth, to me, is holistic. It is the experiences that make me feel wealthy. Earn, save, and invest in a way that allows you to have the experiences you want to have.”

Kathleen Kingsbury

Wealth Psychology Expert, Author and Speaker, KBK Wealth Connection

5 Stages of Wealth

“The first thing to be aware of is to invest for the long term. People might chase a specific trade, hoping that they instantly make a great return, but having the discipline and the focus to invest for the long term is a huge component.”

Ryan Michler

Financial and Investment Advisor, Host and Founder, Cittica Financial

The Mindset of True Wealth

“Start with gratitude, have focus on what it is that you really want, and take action. Put those three things together, and you can change anything in the world.”

Dr. Dennis Cummins

Bestselling Author and Expert Trainer, Dennis Cummins

Get Happy and Get Rich

“True wealth is being able to do what I want, when I want. If I can do that, I am wealthy.” JD Roth

Author and Founder, Get Rich Slowly

Financial Freedom From Passive Income

“A lot of things that may seem like they’re there to tear you down are actually there to help build you up in different ways.”

Pat Flynn

Online Business Expert, Entrepreneur and Author, Smart Passive Income

Overcome Fears and Build True Wealth

“The reason people can’t get out of debt is that they keep adding new debt.”

David Weliver

Personal Finance Expert and Founding Editor, Money Under 30